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What Is A Domain Name?

A Domain name is used by individuals or organizations to share information/resources with their target visitors or sell products/services to their potential customers via the Internet. Each domian name can only be assigned to a single entity so no two organizations or individuals can own the same name.

Valid Domain Name

A valid domain name must have a top-level domain (TLD) and at least one subdomain. A period (.) must be inserted between the TLD and the subdomain. If you have more than one subdomains, they need to be separated by a period as well. Take as an example. The top-level domain name is biz and the subdomains are www and simpleonlinebusiness.

There are also some other rules applied to a valid domain name.

  1. Domain names can only consist of alphanumeric characters and hyphens (-).
  2. Domain names must not begin or end with hyphens.
  3. The length of a domain name cannot be more than 63 characters.

What a is Top-Level Domain?

A top-level domain (TLD) is also known as domain suffix, it sits at the last part of a domain name. .com, or .net are some examples that you always found them appearing at the end of domain names.

.com is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) indicating that it does not belong to any particular country or region. .uk is an example of two-character country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) representing that it is linked with the United Kingdom. There are many different gTLDs and ccTLDs available, click domain details to view the mostly common ones.

What Is a Sub-domain?

Unlike a domain name, you do not need to purchase a subdomain. Once you buy a domain, you can create as many subdomain names as you like provided your web hosting provider does not limit the number. The most commonly seen subdomain is www. Many new Online Business owners may not know that it is optional to include www in their domain name and it can be taken out if they choose to do so.

There are at least two major functions of a sub-domain

  1. Some international companies like to use the name of a country or city as a subdomain to provide location-specific information or products to the local customers. For example, provides a local landing page to people in Australia.
  2. A subdomain can also be used to divide your business sectors. If you are a mobile apps reseller, you may want to create the following two subdomains (, to tell customers where to find the right apps.

What Is A Good Domain Name

If you search for "what is a good domain name", you will find thousands of articles related to this subject teaching you how to choose a good name for your domain. Many of them are crap, particularly not to believe too much how a domain name may affect its site ranking in search engines. Just remember the following simple rules is more than enough:

  1. make sure your domain name can let people know what you are doing by looking at it.
  2. keep it short and simple and easy to memorize.
  3. If your services or products are location-specific, it is better for you to choose a country-code top-level domain.