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What Is Web Hosting Service?

A web hosting service is a kind of virtual-housekeeper service that makes a website accessible via the Internet. Web hosts or web hosting providers are companies that provide web hosting plans for clients to purchase according to their needs. These plans are usually packaged with web space, Internet connectivity in a data center and interface (usually known as Control Panel) for managing the web server and installing applications.

Types Of Web Hosting plans

The types of web hosting plans vary company from company. The most basic one is known as domain parking service, it only provides a very simple landing page for your website.

The mostly purchased hosting plan normally provides more web space to store more web pages and can host more than one domain. It also includes a more sophisticated Control Panel for clients to manage web data easily.

The first two plans just mentioned are typically categorized as shared web hosting service. It means that a single server is divided into many sections and leased to many different clients.

The most high-end plan lets you rent a dedicated hosting server so you have total control on it and do not need to share it with others. This kind of service is expensive and is only for bigger companies.

How To Choose A Web Hosting Provider

Due to the very competitive environment, different hosting providers offer very similar services at very similar price ranges. Differentiating them by just looking at their plan details and pricing are obviously not enough to tell which of them are better. Apart from prices, you should also look at two more things at least before determining which web hosts to use:

  1. Uptime percentage: Uptime means the amount of time the hosting server being online so your visitors can access your web pages via the Internet. We suggest that you should pick those companies which can guarantee %99.5+ uptime.
  2. When operating your website, you will undoubtedly encounter problems whether they are caused by you or the hosting providers. Either case, you need to get support. Ideally, web hosts should have a hotline that their clients can call for help. If the support is only accessible via emails, the responsive time to queries has to be within two hours to be acceptable.

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